Get over 30 Bullet Journal Gift Ideas that anyone who likes to plan will love!

The Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Gift Ideas – Includes 30+ Ideas

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Are you looking for some unique gift ideas for someone who loves to Bullet Journal? Or maybe you love to Journal, but you want some new and exciting gift ideas for yourself!

There are so many fun and unique gift ideas that anyone who loves stationary will absolutely adore! Keep on reading to discover my favourite gift ideas for anyone who loves to Journal and Bullet Journal.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are so incredibly popular right now, and for good reason! They are fun to receive! You never know what kind of goodies you are going to get, and typically, they are things you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself.

I think subscription boxes can make amazing presents, and the good news, there are so many boxes perfect for people who love to journal! I have included some of my favourites here.

Oops A Daisy Subscription Box

If you love stencils in your journal, you will LOVE this subscription box!

There are currently two boxes that you can get from Oops A Daisy. They have the “mini one” which gets sent out monthly and the “big one” which gets sent out quarterly.

The mini one typically contains a themed Oops A Daisy stencil, coordinating Washi-tape, and a bonus journal accessory. The boxes are always themed for the upcoming month!

The big one typically contains three Oops A Daisy stencils, sticker sheets, journal pages, coordinating Washi-tape, journal accessories, and more!

Cozy Plan Subscription Box

If you love to plan in comfort, you will LOVE this subscription box! A new box ships every two months, and they always include fun items like socks, candles, face masks, plus all kinds of journaling goodies!

The boxes tend to follow a theme depending on the current/upcoming season which is really nice! This is a must-grab subscription box!

Cozy Plan Box – $28.00

from: Cratejoy

Sticker Guru Subscription Box

If you love to plan with stickers, this is another amazing subscription box! Get all kinds of stickers sent to you each month to help you plan!

The Diamond Box includes the monthly kit, the weekly kit, and the budget kit! Perfect for planning your entire month with a cohesive theme!

Sticker Guru – $19.95

from: Cratejoy

The Inky Box Subscription Box

If lettering is something you really enjoy doing, you will love this subscription box! Try out new pens, get practice sheets and more!

This box is sure to motivate you to practice lettering even more!

The Inky Box – $39.95

from: Cratejoy

SkillShare Subscription

SkillShare is something I always put on my own gift wish list! I always find such useful classes and courses to take on the platform, and not having to pay for it myself is a great bonus!

There are so many types of classes you can take, but these are some of my personal favourites:

How To Bullet Journal
Goal Setting

And more!

Get 30% off an Annual subscription by clicking here!

Bullet Journal Must-Have Books

If you want to improve how you are using your Bullet Journal, consider one of these books! Get insights and ideas on how you can improve how you are using your Journal, and learn new skills and techniques!

The Bullet Journal Method

If you are brand new to the Bullet Journal method, or have never been introduced to the creator of the system, I HIGHLY recommend getting this book!

Ryder goes in-depth into how to start your first journal, as well as his best tips and insights to truly benefit from the system.

The Ultimate Guide To Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering For Beginners

Improve your lettering and calligraphy techniques with this book! Packed full with different lettering styles and practice pages, you will definitely find new and fun ways to letter in your Bullet Journal!

Journal With Purpose

Improve how you decorate your spreads with this book! Helen shares over 1000 doodles, alphabet ideas, motifs, and more that will help you personalize and decorate your Bullet Journal!

Good Days Start With Gratitude

Want to improve your mindset? Use this gratitude journal in parallel with your Bullet Journal to help you be more mindful and improve your mental health and well being!

Bullet Journal Essentials

Of course, we also have the essentials needed to Bullet Journal! These gifts are particularly great for anyone just getting starting with their journal, or someone who does not have a lot of supplies!

This section of the gift guide could be really long, so I have narrowed it down the top supplies that I know any Bullet Journal lover would adore!


There are so many different notebooks to choose from, and it can definitely get overwhelming! But there are two notebooks that I see constantly being recommended in the Bullet Journal community!

Scribbles That Matter

These are the notebooks that I personally use, and I love them!

If you want to give a notebook as a Bullet Journal gift, the Scribbles That Matter notebooks are a fantastic option!

The thick 160 gsm paper will ensure you don’t have issues with your pens bleeding through the paper.
They come in a variety of colours and options.
And they are made for people who love to Bullet Journal!

Check out the Scribbles That Matter notebooks here!

Archer & Olive

These notebooks are really beautiful, well made notebooks!

They too have 160 gsm paper that will ensure your pens and markers don’t bleed through the pages.
You also have a large variety of cover options, which look very elegant and sleek.

Check out the Archer And Olive notebooks here!

One thing that both of these notebooks also have in common is that you can get them in more than just one paper colour! You can also get notebooks with black paper, and Archer and Olive even have a colour paper option!

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of these notebook brands, and they definitely beat the budget options!


There are so many options for pens, and it can really depend on numerous factors:

  • What type of paper is in their notebook?
  • Do they do a lot of artwork and doodling in their journals?
  • Do they do a lot of lettering?

I have created a list of some must-have Bullet Journal pens! Be sure to check that they don’t already have these pens, or if they are looking for something more specific!

Daily Writing & Planning

These are the top pen picks for daily writing and planning in a Bullet Journal!

Paper Mate Flair Pens
Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

Gel Pens

Gel pens are so much fun to doodle with, and they are the best pens if you are using a notebook that has dark or coloured paper in it! These are my top pack picks:

Moonlight Pens 10
Moonlight Pens 06
Classic White
Classic Grey Tones

Lettering Pens

There are so many different pens you can use for lettering, but some of the most popular in the Bullet Journal community include the Tombow Dual Brush Pens! They can be found in a wide variety of colours, but choose a pack with colours you think they might like!


Perfect for doodling, highlighting sections, or colour coding notes, highlighters can be really useful in a Bullet Journal!

The most popular highlighters in the Bullet Journal community are the Zebra Midliner Highlighters. They come in a variety of colours which is important!


A ruler will be really helpful for creating clean, simple layouts in a Bullet Journal. This metal ruler also includes stencil elements which could be really useful as well! Perfect for making checklists or sections within your layout!


Stencils allow you to create Bullet Journal layouts really quickly without compromising on the creative aspect of journaling!

If you want a lot of stencils that they can try out, I highly recommend this pack available on Amazon: 20 Piece Bullet Journal Plastic Stencils

However, if you already know you love stencils, consider getting some really good quality stencils with different layout and theme ideas. I personally love to shop for stencils on the Oops A Daisy website.

Check out this page on their website for a variety of A5 stencils!


Stamps are another great way to create and decorate a Bullet Journal layout! Take a look online for ‘planner stamps’.

Make A Journaling Basket

This is one of my favourite things to do, especially when I am hoping to help someone get started with their first journal!

Grab a basket, and fill it with your favourite supplies as well as some of your favourite items for creating a planning atmosphere. Below, I have included a list of some things I have put into these baskets in the past:

With a basket, you can really put a personal touch on it! Get creative with what other items you might want to include in your basket!

Journal Accessories

Anyone who loves to Journal will love accessories and stationary!

Journal Supply Organizer Case

This supply organization case would be perfect for anyone who likes to take their journal out with them, but doesn’t want to damage the journal or lose any supplies!

The case includes a pocket large enough to hold your A5 journal, as well as your stencils, stickers, pens, Washi-tape and more!

Washi Tape Display & Dispenser

Get all of your washi tape organized for quick and easy access! These stackable holders will allow you to store and easily rip your Washi Tape.

Desktop Marker Organizer

Get all of your pens, highlighters and markers organized with a desktop pen organizer! There are so many different styles available on Amazon, so be sure to go and take a look.

Custom Gift

Who doesn’t love something with a cute quote or unique saying!? Getting custom made gifts is such a wonderful idea. It shows a lot of thought and care from the person who chose it.

For my birthday, my sister got a water bottle made up for me, and down the side it reads ‘Bujo Life’ in a really pretty font! I love using that bottle whenever I am planning, and it reminds me that I am a part of a community that loves to plan and get organized.

Get creative with your Bullet Journal gift ideas, and make a unique custom gift with a cute Bullet Journal quote!

There are so many different things you can customize.

  • Mugs – Perfect for anyone who loves coffee or tea and Bullet Journaling.
  • Wooden Cookbook Stand – I would put my Bullet Journal on here while meal prepping for the week.
  • T-shirt – Find a cute planning quote and add it to a t-shirt.
  • Desktop Accessory; like a candle.
  • A sign to put above their desk with a cute quote!

The possibilities are endless! I recommend starting with Etsy and seeing what you can find! There are so many gems on Etsy, and you truly never know what you will find!

Recommended: If you need somewhere to start with this, check out this really cute mug on Etsy that reads ‘I need more pens!’

Final Ideas

I hope that you found at least one idea in this post for a Bullet Journal related gift! If not, I have one more idea for you!

Gift Cards

I know that gift cards do not make the most exciting gift, but it is nice knowing that they can get something they truly need and want! Here are some ideas of where you could get them;

  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Indigo
  • Michaels or Hobby Lobby

Anywhere there are stationary items will probably be a huge hit!

I hope that this post has been helpful for you!

Do you have any other gift ideas that I can add to this post? Be sure to share your other ideas in the comments below so that I can add them to this post!


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