Does a Bullet Journal sound like too much work for you? Discover the Bullet Journal hybrid, the perfect cross of a planner and a Bullet Journal.

Making Sense Of The Bullet Journal Planner Hybrid

Last Updated on July 29, 2020 by Keri

Bullet Journals are amazing. They can help you get your entire life organized, and in a way that works for you. But there are definitely cons to this method, and a Bullet Journal hybrid may be the option you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Learn more about the Bullet Journal Planner Hybrid. This planning solution will help you overcome your Bullet Journal struggles, giving you the best of both worlds.

What are the cons of using a Bullet Journal?

Unfortunately, there are a couple, and you might be feeling all of them or none of them. But they are cons I want to address.

  1. Creating the layouts every week can be very time consuming.
  2. Migrating to a new journal is not always the most exciting process. Especially if your previous bujo has a layout that you really like.
  3. If you make a mistake, or want to remove a page, you can’t. If you do, you risk ruining the binding of your notebook.
  4. It is easy to get sucked into the creativity trap and forget how to use this system for productivity, intention and betterment for yourself.

While these cons can make using a Bullet Journal consistently somewhat challenging, the benefits of the system are just too big to ignore. That is why I highly suggest a Bullet Journal hybrid if you are struggling with one or more of these cons.

So, what is a Bullet Journal hybrid?

It is essentially a cross between a traditional planner and a Bullet Journal.

You can take all your favorite elements of the Bullet Journal and use them in a traditional planner. List making. Habit tracking. Gratitude. Journaling. Goal setting. I could go on for a while, but I think you get the idea!

A traditional planner will solve some of the cons right off the bat.

  1. You won’t have to create layouts all the time, so you can instead focus your time on planning, goal setting, and being intentional.
  2. You can choose a planner that is decoratively designed in a way that speaks to you.

But what about the other two cons listed above?

There is one planner that I highly recommend for your first Bullet Journal hybrid, and it will help you solve your other problems. The Happy Planner!

What is the Happy Planner?

This traditional planner is built on a discbound system that allows you to add and remove things as you see fit.

Don’t like a page? Take it out!

Want to add a pocket folder? They sell them, or you can buy the discbound punch and make your own!

It is a super customizable planning system that allows you to create a planning solution that will work for you, and happens to be the perfect tool for making a hybrid system. It is the only other planning tool that I recommend aside from an actual Bullet Journal.

How to make a Happy Planner Bullet Journal Hybrid Planner

Since this system is so customizable, there are a few ways that you can create your hybrid system.

1.      Creating A Traditional Bullet Journal with The Accessories

With some rings, a deluxe cover, and some of their filler paper, you can make your own custom bullet journal notebook. This is perfect for anyone who wants to continue using the traditional bullet journal method, but wants the ability to add and remove pages, move sections around, etc.

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2.      Creating a Planner/Bullet Journal Hybrid

Using one of their planners and some filler paper, you can create a really functional combination hybrid. Use the planner portion for its calendar pages and daily planning, but continue to create your Bullet Journal style collections on filler paper.

This is great for anyone who is feeling burnt out by creating the monthly and weekly layouts all the time, or someone who wants to start a Bullet Journal, but doesn’t have the time to commit to creating all those layouts.

Tips for Making Your System Work for You

This hybrid system is meant to take the Bullet Journal system that is working so well for you now and make it even better. Here are some tips for utilizing your hybrid system to it’s fullest potential.

  1. Don’t be afraid to add accessories. Pocket folders, dividers, bookmarks, and clips can all make planning in your hybrid so much easier!
  2. Utilize the Bullet Journal foundation to keep your planning routine organized. A key can be moved throughout your journal to bring clarity to your planning.
  3. Add collections where you see fit. Want to add a collection somewhere specific? The discbound system makes it extremely easy to do just that!
  4. Create a layout that you just don’t like? Take it out and start fresh. (But don’t let perfectionism take over either! Be mindful of the time you have already spent on that layout and embrace your mistakes when you can.)
  5. Be creative however you see fit! Add doodles, fun lettering, stickers etc. to make your journal your own!

If you are feeling burnt out in your journal, or you don’t want to commit to starting one, I hope you will consider this alternate method! This system has the potential to improve your current planning routine while simultaneously making it more enjoyable for you to!

If you have any questions or want to share your hybrid results, comment below! I love helping you get your planner set up, as well as see what you are doing with them!

Until next time!

Wondering if there any Bullet Journal alternatives out there that you could try? In this post, I share how a Bullet Journal Planner Hybrid could be the planning solution you have always been looking for, and how it might solve some of the challenges you face with a Bullet Journal.

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