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How To Set Up Your Bullet Journal For School

Last Updated on July 29, 2020 by Keri

Looking to get a little bit more organized while you are in school? Using a Bullet Journal for school is a great way to stay organized, be a little bit creative, and stay sane throughout the school year

While you are in school, you likely have a lot to juggle, including classes, studying, extracurriculars, friendships, and maybe even a part-time job. It can be a lot to keep track of, and you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

The Bullet Journal is a great planning solution for you because it is so customizable.

The problem with pre-printed planners is you are restricted to the layouts on the pages. There might by layouts that you never touch, and layouts you wish it had.

With a Bullet Journal, you can set it up exactly as you need it.

In this post, I am going to show you how you can use some of the basic Bullet Journal layouts, as well as some different collections ideas that will get you organized for your school year.


While you don’t need a lot of supplies to get started with your Bullet Journal, there are some basic supplies I highly recommend getting. Most of these supplies can be picked up at any general store, dollar store, or even on Amazon.

Notebook: There are no specific requirements for what notebook you use for your Bullet Journal, but I have included a couple of recommendations below.

  1. The Leuchtturm A5 Dot Grid – This is my current Bullet Journal notebook, and I really like it. They come in a variety of colors, have different page options (ruled, grid, dot grid), index, numbered pages, bookmarks, and a pocket in the back. It is also well built and will hold up well when traveling from class to class.
  2. If you are looking for a budget-friendly dot grid notebook, I HIGHLY recommend the Artists Loft Dot Grid notebook from Michaels. This notebook also comes in a variety of colors, bookmarks, index, and numbered pages.

Pens: You don’t need any fancy pens to get started, but below are some of my personal favorites.

Highlighters: These will come in handy when setting up your layouts, taking notes, color coding your calendars, etc.

Ruler: A great tool for creating layouts.

Post It Notes: Post-it notes are awesome for writing reminders to yourself or adding quick notes.

Signifier Ideas

One of the most important parts of the Bullet Journal method is using signifiers (symbols) to represent different task categories within your journal. Some examples are;

  • Class
  • Work
  • Appointment
  • Event
  • To-Do
  • Research
  • Project
  • Study
  • Exam
  • Important

Brainstorm some simple symbols to represent these different things within your journal!

This key is perfect for any student who wants to use a Bullet Journal to get themselves organized.

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Using Traditional Bullet Journal Layouts

The traditional Bullet Journal layouts created by Ryder Carroll, the original creator of the Bullet Journal method, will be very useful in your Bullet Journal for School.  They will be where you plan out your year, month and days.

Want to learn more about the original system? Learn more here!

The Future Log

Since Bullet Journals are not set up in advance, but rather as you go, you need a system in place to record important notes about future dates.

Ryder created the Future Log layout to solve this problem, and is where you will log events, appointments, deadlines, birthdays, important dates for your upcoming year. But the future log can also be used to note important dates as it relates to school. Some examples are;

  • Project Due Dates
  • Exam Schedule
  • Extra-Curricular Events
  • Days off School

Having this information on your future log will make it easier to plan your month’s, and ensures nothing gets missed or forgotten.

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The Monthly Log

The monthly log is just as it sounds. This layout is where you will plan your month.

Start by adding everything from your future log to this layout, plus anything else that you can think of. This layout should include;

  • Days off school
  • Assignment due dates
  • Exam dates
  • Study schedule
  • To-Do list
  • Goals

The Daily Log

And on this log, you will plan out each individual day. These layouts will be much more specific as you break down your tasks for each day.

*Remember to use your signifiers on these layouts!

Some things to include on your daily log would be;

  • Class schedule
  • Work schedule
  • Appointments or events you need to attend
  • Study schedule
  • To-do lists

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Adding the Custom Collections

There are so many different custom collections you can include in your Bullet Journal, especially for school! These collections are what make your Bullet Journal unique and provide so many customization options.

Semester Overview

This collection could be used to list your classes or as a class schedule.

Weekly Routine

A big part of juggling school, your extracurriculars, and potentially a part-time job will be following a weekly routine.

Your routine could include;

  • Morning Routine
  • Evening Routine
  • Study Routine

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Trackers are a great way to ensure you are taking care of yourself, following your routine, and getting everything done.

There are so many different trackers you could include in your Bullet Journal for School, including;

  1. A Habits Tracker – Track your water intake, which days you are exercising, which days you are getting at least eight hours of rest, taking your vitamins, going for a walk, etc.
  2. A Sleep Tracker
  3. A Mood Tracker
  4. Exercise Tracker
  5. Grades Tracker
  6. Study Tracker

Reading List

Keep a list of the reading material you will need to go through for your class requirements. This layout could also include dates you need to ensure you have the book by and a space for notes.

Study Notes

Create sections for each class where you can include important study notes.

If you don’t want to include all your study notes (that might be too much!), include the most important notes, or notes for anything that you are struggling to understand/remember.

Having them in your journal will allow you to squeeze in extra studying when you didn’t expect it! (Sitting on the bus, waiting at the doctor’s office, on a break at work, etc.)

Exam Schedule

Keep track of when all your exams are scheduled. This will help you create study plans and ensure you have enough time to get all your projects finished.

Supply List

Keep a list of the supplies you need to pick up! The next time you are out, you can grab your journal from your bag and stock up on any supplies you need.

Teacher Contact Information

Do your professors have email or office hours in case you have any additional questions? Keep a log of this in your journal so that you always know how/when you can contact them if needed.


It is always important to have goals, and school is no exception! Keep a list of your goals somewhere handy in your journal for easy reference.

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If this is your first time living on your own, you will need to learn how to manage your finances. You likely have expenses that need to be managed, and a budget within your Journal will help you stay on top of your money.


These years can be very overwhelming. Juggling everything can be overwhelming, which is why it is so important to take care of yourself to.

Journaling can be very therapeutic and will help keep your mind fresh! Include this in your Bullet Journal as a reminder to journal every day!

Final Thoughts

Getting organized does not have to be complicated or take up a lot of time! It will make your life much easier in the long run!

I hope that this has inspired you to try your own Bullet Journal for school!

Have any questions? Be sure to leave a comment below!

Until next time!

Get your Bullet Journal For School set up with the perfect layouts and collections or organize your classes, projects, exams, and more!

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