Bullet Journal and Planner supplies scattered everywhere? Get some supply organization inspiration.

How To Organize Your Favorite Planner Supplies

Last Updated on July 29, 2020 by Keri

You really don’t need a lot of supplies to start a Bullet Journal! But, that won’t stop us stationary/planning addicts! If you’re anything like me, your desk is filled with a variety of pens and highlighters, stickers, washi tape, stencils, notebooks, printables, and more!

While I love to buy new supplies, I also like to keep my desk organized! This makes planning MUCH more relaxing!

Thankfully for us, retailers have provided us with all kinds of unique storage solutions! These will keep all your supplies organized, but they will also make your planning station oh so pretty! Whether you do your planning at a desk or on the couch, there is a storage solution!

Read on to discover my favorite products for creating a pretty and organized planning workspace!

Pen Storage Solutions

Pens can be very difficult to organize! Especially when you have what seems like a million of them!

It can be helpful to organize them in a way that will allow you to easily find what you are looking for, and I have a couple of solutions to share with you!

Pencil Case Holder

Perhaps one of my favorite pen storage solutions is using a large pencil case holder!

This particular case has multiple compartments making it easy for you to organize your pens by type!

This storage solution also makes it easy to take some of your planning supplies with you when you are on the go!

See it on Amazon!

5 Piece Desk Organizer

This kind of storage solution is perfect if you have a ton of pens to store, and you like to keep them visible! Personally, I prefer this storage method over using cups because they will take up more space on your desk. Using a vertical stacking solution will lift your supplies off the desk while keeping them visible!

See it on Amazon!

DIY Wall Storage Solution

If you like to use cups to store your pens, I have an easy DIY project that will help you organize your pens this way without taking up all of your precious desk space!

All you need is some picture hanging hooks and a couple of buckets like the ones shown in the picture below! (I got all the supplies for mine at the dollar store!)

With a hammer and the nails from your kit, hang the hooks on the wall where you want the buckets to hang. You can keep them level, or you can scatter them to add some variety!

Then, take the handle from the bucket, and hook it onto the hook on your wall. Now, just add your pens! This simple DIY solution cost me less than $10!

Organize Your Washi Tape

If you are a collector of washi tape, it is so important to keep your tape organized and accessible! When you first start thinking of organizing your washi tape, you may consider just throwing it all in a bin. The only problem is at some point, it will inevitably look something like this;

To avoid this, you want to use a storage solution specifically for washi tape! Here are a couple of my personal favorites!

MyLifeUnit Washi Tape Dispenser

These tape dispensers are stackable and come in a set of four! Simply add your washi tape to the dispensers, and stack them up on your desk!

This is definitely my favorite solution because;

  1. These dispensers make it incredibly easy to see what you have at all times! For sure, this will help you ensure you are using the tape you buy, and perhaps will even help you think twice about buying more!
  2. The dispensers are clear which makes the tape very visible. This can be an added visual to your working space. There is something about seeing all those pretty patterns that will make you want to sit down at your desk and plan!

See it on Amazon!

OffKits Storage Organizer

Another great solution for organizing your washi tape is to use a storage organizer!

If your collection is very large, this storage solution may be exactly what you need! Grab a couple of them from Amazon, and you can organize your bin of washi tape into these smaller organizers! Each organizer has adjustable compartments within it so you can customize them to suit your needs!

While these take up a similar amount of space as a bin would, this allows you to easily see your entire collection and provides easy access to each pattern. No more digging through the bin to find the tape you want!

See it on Amazon!

Sticker Organization Solutions

Using stickers is a great way to add decoration to any planner or Bullet Journal! But, it doesn’t take long for them to become disorganized and scattered. While organizing your stickers may take a little bit of creativity, it will be totally worth the effort!

Here are a couple of solutions you may consider!

Using A Sticker Book

Creating a sticker book is a great way to organize your stickers! Plus, there are multiple ways in which you can do this!

  1. Use a binder and paper! Using a glue stick, glue your sticker sheets to hole-punched pieces of paper! Add it to a pretty binder, and organize the sheets in a way that is easy to navigate for you!
  2. Using a notebook! Much like the above example, glue your sticker sheets to the pages in your favorite notebook!

You can also use or create something similar to this sticker book made by Create 365 for their line of Happy Planner stickers!

This sticker book comes with the large rings so you can add plenty of stickers without having to worry about running out of space!

See it on Amazon!

Of course, if you want a fun DIY project, it would be very easy to create your own Discbound sticker book!

All you need is the rings, the cover, and some pre-punched sheets, all created by Create 365! Snap the cover onto your rings, and add your half sheets in between the covers. Using a glue stick, glue the sticker page to the sheet! This is a great solution, especially if part of your sticker collection is made up of the planner stickers from Create 365!

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Create A Filing System

With just a storage bin and some pretty cardstock, you can create a really pretty filing system for your stickers!

Check out this video from Inspired Blush on YouTube on how she created her sticker filing bin for inspiration!


Storage Solutions If You Don’t Have A Desk!

Just because you don’t have a desk doesn’t mean you can’t keep your supplies organized!

Planner Cart

Planner carts are all the rage right now, and for good reason might I add! Not everyone has the space in their home for a permanent working space. That does not mean you should be disorganized!

A planner cart allows you to move your supplies wherever you can work and still provides lots of organization opportunities.

Currently, my favorite cart I have seen around is this one sold at Michaels!


  • 3 storage shelves
  • 2 dowels (perfect for washi tape!)
  • Pegboard with a variety of add ons including hooks, a shelf, and more!

This cart is any planner’s dream! There are endless opportunities to organize your supplies with this!

See it at Michaels!

Rolling Tote Bag

Storing your planning supplies and stationery is very similar to storing scrapbooking supplies! That makes a scrapbook tote bag the perfect option!

There is space for all of your pens, rulers, stencils and more in the side pockets! The main compartment is perfect to store storage bins, much like the one you would use to organize your washi tape, as shown above, your Bullet Journal, stickers and more!

With this rolling tote bag, you will be able to plan from almost anywhere!

See it on Amazon! 

Desktop Storage Solutions

If the majority of your planning supplies sit on your desktop, you will love these desktop organization ideas!

The major downside of having to store all of your supplies on a tabletop means losing some of your working space! It is important to find storage solutions that will give you more working space for when you are planning.

One of my favorite go-to solutions is using stacking bins or shelves!

Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizers

Deflecto makes stackable acrylic bins that you can customize to suit your workspace and the supplies you need to organize!

The photos above show the cross divider box as well as the two drawer boxes. However, there are even more options available on Amazon including, 1 drawer, 4 drawers, divided and more! Click on the link below to be taken to Amazon! Under the name of the product, you should be able to see the different style options that you can click on to view!

These cubes are all stackable so you can purchase as many as you think you will need, and stack them on your desktop to leave your workspace free to work on!

See it on Amazon!

Azar Pegboard Organization

If your desk is against a wall, you may consider putting up a cute pegboard to help you organize your supplies. This will keep your supplies off your desktop, but still readily available!

This 70 piece pegboard comes in different colors and with a lot of different accessories including hooks, baskets, and more! You can get your entire workspace organized with this one solution!

See it on Amazon!

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to get your workspace all cleaned up! I promise you will enjoy planning much more when your supplies are all nice and organized!

What are your favorite storage solutions for all of your planning supplies! Be sure to share them in the comments below!

Until next time, have an awesome day!

Organize your planning workspace, and all of your Bullet Journal supplies with these simple storage solutions from Amazon!

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