Get ideas and inspiration for your February Bullet Journal layouts!

February Bullet Journal Layout Ideas

Last Updated on February 7, 2021 by Keri

Are you ready to set up your February Bullet Journal layouts? In this post, I have compiled some of my favourite sources of inspiration that you can use for your February Bullet Journal layouts!

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What Supplies Do You Need For Your February Bullet Journal Layouts?

Of course, you need your notebook, but there are some other great supplies that you can get that will help you set a theme for the month! I have included some suggestions here for you!

Coloured Pens

One of my favourite ways to do a theme for the month is simply by using a combination of colours! Take a look through your pen collection for your pinks, reds, and light purple colours! These colour combinations are great to use for some of the themes I mention in the next section.

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is an awesome way to decorate your layouts with minimal effort! Here are some my personal favourite picks for a February layout.


If you don’t want to doodle, then you might consider adding some stickers instead! I used to do this in my Bullet Journal, especially when I was really limited on time.

February Bullet Journal Theme’s You Should Steal

When it comes to choosing a theme for your monthly layouts, you have a lot of options! You can do something that feels a little bit more seasonal. You can also choose a theme for something that is meaningful to you that month. The options are endless! But, if you are feeling stuck on what to do, I have included some of my personal favourite monthly theme ideas for February here!

Colour Theme

Personally, I love to set a theme simply by choosing a beautiful colour combination! You can go for the traditional February colours of pink, red and white. Plus, you could add in some pops of colour with the complementary colours, green and teal, which would be really pretty!

You can also use a colour combination combined with one of the themes I mention below!


Flowers always make a great Bullet Journal theme, and February is no exception! Roses are definitely one of the more popular options, but you can use many types of flowers. Keep an eye out for different flower ideas in these layouts!


Hearts are definitely a great theme idea for February. Valentine’s is in the air this month, and it can be fun to celebrate all the love you have from friends and family in your life! Take a peek at some of these really cute heart themed Bullet Journal layout ideas!

Other Theme Ideas

Some other theme ideas that you might try include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Cozy or Hygge
  • Crystals
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Clouds

February Cover Page Ideas

Cover pages are a great way to mark the start of the month and create a really pretty layout! Here some February Bullet Journal cover page ideas that you can use for inspiration!

February Monthly Page Ideas

One of the most common monthly layouts, the monthly calendar page is a must-have layout in your Bullet Journal! Take a look at these really pretty layouts!

February Tracker Page Ideas

If you love trackers, then you will love these ideas for your February Bullet Journal layouts!

February Weekly Layout Ideas

The best part of weekly layouts is how many you get to use in a month! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different weekly layouts that you think you might like! Here are some ideas and inspiration for you to use!

Quotes To Use On Your February Spreads

Quotes can be inspirational, positive, and motivational! Dress up your layouts with some of your favourite quotes!

It’s Time For You To Create Your February Bullet Journal Layouts Now!

I hope that this post has helped you to find some ideas and inspiration for your February Bullet Journal layouts! There are so many different things that you can do and try. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things!

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