Get your families meals organized with your Bullet Journal! Simple layouts will help keep you on track.

5 Layouts To Better Meal Planning In Your Bullet Journal

Last Updated on October 21, 2020 by Keri

Coming up with a dinner plan every day can be extremely frustrating and exhausting. You end up spending so much time and mental energy asking yourself the same question you have asked yourself every day for the past week. What’s for dinner?

Time is something we just don’t have enough of, which is why it is so frustrating to be spending so much of what little time we do have in the kitchen. We need to eat, so it is hard to avoid, but what if we could make it a little easier on ourselves?

In this article, I am going to show you 5 layout ideas that you can add to your Bullet Journal that will help you cut down on how much time you are spending in the kitchen! It is time to take back some of your time and energy so that you can focus on the things you love!

If this is your first time hearing the term: Bullet Journal, check out this post series, How To Start A Bullet Journal. In this series, I go over the basics of the system, and will help you set up your first couple of spreads! 

What is Meal Planning?

If you have spent any time on Google or Pinterest searching for time-saving hacks in your kitchen, you have probably discovered a lot of people rely on meal planning. But what is it?

Simply put, meal planning is the act of sitting down and deciding what meals you are going to prepare for the next week. (You can meal plan as far ahead as you would like, but most people tend to plan one week at a time.)

Meal planning has many different steps, including deciding what meals you plan to make, taking inventory of what you have on hand, and making a grocery list.

Some people even take it a step further, and also do as much meal prep as they can!

If you want to learn more about meal planning, check out this article from! This beginner’s guide to meal planning is really comprehensive, and will get your meal planning started off on the right foot!

What is the benefit of Meal Planning?

  1. You will waste much less food.
  2. Develop healthy eating habits.
  3. Spend less on groceries overall.

But the main benefit I see from it is simply how much more efficient it is!

You are a busy person, and you need every minute of your day that you can get. You don’t have time to be in the kitchen for two hours cooking and then another hour to clean up the mess left behind. Our time is valuable, and that is why meal planning can be so beneficial!

How will meal planning in my Bullet Journal help me save time?

Part of the Bullet Journal system is adding collections, and these are the tools that will help you simplify any process. You can create a collection for pretty much anything you want to improve on your life.

In this article, I am going to show you 5 layouts that I think will not only help you meal plan in your Bullet Journal but also how to lay a foundation so that it does not take up too much of your time!

All of these collection ideas serve a different purpose, and when they are put together, they will make meal planning faster and easier than ever!

The 5 Meal Planning Layouts!

1. Recipes To Try

Do you ever find yourself browsing on Pinterest, and the food pictured on one of the pins catches your attention, but you soon forget about it? Sure, you might click on it and look at the recipe, and you may even save it to one of your Boards. But once it goes onto your Board, it is often forgotten.

My Pinterest account has lots of boards that include tons of recipes that I have never tried, yet I find myself saying all too often, “there is nothing new to cook”.

Change this around by adding a “Recipes To Try” collection to your Bullet Journal. The next time you are meal planning, and you are looking for something different to add to the menu, look back at this list, and just pick one of the meals at random! You will get to add something new to your menu every once in a while, and you won’t have to waste more time trying to find something new!

Inspiration from the community!

Sera from @seras.bullet.journal created this really functional spread to record the recipes she wants to try. The checkbox is really great for recording if you have tried that recipe, but my favorite part of this spread is the rating section she included beside each meal. This will serve as a great reminder if you liked the recipe or not!

Jane from @amourdejane has separated the meals to try by breakfast, lunch and dinner categories. This idea is a really great reminder to try new recipes for breakfast and lunch too!

Miss Lady Liv has created these really pretty minimalist recipes to try layout which is just so cute! The little splash of color from the Tombow adds a little bit of variety to the layout which is also nice!

2. Recipe Cards

Are there recipes you find yourself going back to all the time? I think it is safe to say that every family has their favorites that get made often! For me, that is this One Pan Cheesy Smoked Sausage & Pasta dish! It does not seem to matter who I make it for, everyone absolutely loves it.

Now you would think that since I have made it so many times that I wouldn’t need the recipe. But, for some reason, I just cannot remember this recipe! So every time I go to make it, I have to spend 5 minutes scouring Pinterest trying to find it! This is a huge waste of time.

Make your life easier by adding your family favorite recipes to your Bullet Journal!

Inspiration from the community! 

Bite The Bullet Journal has created these really cute, yet simple recipe card layouts in her Bullet Journal.

Brittany from @oliversblue created these really cute recipes cover page, followed by a recipe card for beef stir fry. This is great inspiration if you want to create a whole collection of your family’s favorite recipes!

Sannya from @thecrafterhours added some really cute doodles to her recipe card layout! If you love doodling, this can be a really fun way to make writing out your recipes a little bit more fun!

3. Master Meal List

Coming up with a meal plan every work can be a lot of work! There may even be times when you don’t have time to do it at all.

When summer rolls around, my husband and I go hiking almost every weekend. Since a big chunk of my time goes to that, I find all of my meal planning goes right out the window.

Adding a Master Meal List collection is a great way to list out some quick meal ideas! This allows me to create a meal plan and grocery list in less than 20 minutes.

Inspiration from the community! 

Kathleen’s from @katsbujolife has this really cute and minimal master meal list in her Bullet Journal that I just love. The design is minimal, but the cute doodles dress it up nicely. I also love how she used different colored pens to separate the meals on the list!

Kristina from @essentiallycarter keeps her master list very simple and functional, which I just love. Dividing her layout into categorized columns leaves enough room for her to add more favorite recipes as she discovers them which I really like!

Christina from @christina77star took her master list a step further! Not only did she break her meals down by category, but each category has been assigned a day of the week! This is such a good idea!

4. Master Grocery List

A master grocery list is perfect, especially if you find yourself buying the same thing week after week.

The only thing you will need to take time to list out is the items you would need for the specific recipes that are apart of your meal plan for the week!

Inspiration from the community! 

Emily from @ems.planning.corner has created this really cute minimalist master grocery list layout, which also includes a section for Costco! Because who doesn’t love Costco!?

Amanda from @arhuish has this simple 1-page spread dedicated to her master grocery list that is both cute and functional!

5. Weekly Meal Plan Layouts

The final step to meal planning in your Bullet Journal is having a place to write down what meals you plan to eat for the week.

There are endless possibilities of how you can do this, and below are a couple of my favorites!

Inspiration from the community! 

Haley from @haleyjournals plans her breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this simple grid format! I love how much room there is to write everything in!

Kait from @kaitsbujo has incorporated her weekly meal plan with her shopping list and grocery budget! This layout is so perfect for anyone who is also trying to incorporation a budget with their weekly meal plan!

Jennifer from has created this spread that incorporates sticky notes! You can meal plan on the layout for the entire life of your Bullet Journal without having to recreate this spread every week!

I hope you found some inspiration from this post to start meal planning in your Bullet Journal!

This planning method has helped save me so much time so that I can focus my leftover energy at the end of the day to the other tasks that need to get done. Do you currently plan your meals in your Bullet Journal? Do you have any other collections included in your Bullet Journal? Let me know down in the comments!

Until next time!

Discover 5 different Bullet Journal layouts that will help you Meal Plan better and faster!

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