2022 Bullet Journal set up. Get Ideas and inspiration for your spreads.

2022 Bullet Journal Set Up – Ideas & Inspiration For Your Own Journal

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Keri

With 2021 coming to an end, it’s time to get our 2022 Bullet Journal set up! In this blog post, I am going to show you all my spreads and collections that I have set up in my own 2022 journal.

I’ve also filmed my entire setup! If you want to watch my YouTube video, go here!

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My 2022 Bullet Journal Theme

This year, I wanted a theme that would go well with my word of the year: balance.

To me, this meant simple layouts with really calming beautiful colours. I didn’t want to just do black and white. I definitely wanted to include some pops of colour.

So, I decided to do a workspace/stationary theme and I used really soft beige, peach and green colours to tie it all in together.

And, I am obsessed with how it turned out! Take a peek at the cover page here!

My 2022 Bullet Journal Cover Image.

My 2022 Supplies

The supplies I am using this year aren’t that different from previous years, but I have included those here for you as well!

My Notebook

This year, I am using the notebooks from Scribbles That Matter again. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that these notebooks are hands down my favourite notebooks. I wrote a review blog post about them last year which you can see here.

I had one notebook left over from last year in their Navy Blue colour, so I am using that up. But I also have some notebooks coming in the new colours! I got Aubergine and Aqua, and there are even more colours I want. If you want to see what they have available this year, you can see those here.

My Pens

The only pens I used were my black finalizer pens to draw in the layouts and then my four Tombow Dual brush pen colours. I’ve included links for each of those below!

Steadtler Pigment Liners

Papermate Flair Pens

Tombow Dual Brush Pen 912

Tombow Dual Brush Pen 992

Tombow Dual Brush Pen 192

Tombow Dual Brush Pen N55

My 2022 Cover Page & Year At A Glance

Since my cover page only took up one page of this spread, I decided to add my year at a glance beside it. I think these two layouts work really well together!

The Cover Spread

I had the idea this year to doodle in a wire board that you would hang above your desk. I really liked the idea of being able to doodle more onto this board throughout the year like memories, big wins, etc. 

I sketched out the layout before I filled it in so that I could make sure I had everything spaced out properly.

Then I filled it in with my fineliner pens.

The layout includes:

  • a space for my word of the year
  • a quote to live by this year
  • space to write down my core values for the year
  • little photograph doodles – I will use this to doodle in things I want to do or memories

I also hope to be able to add more to this layout through the year!

The Year At A Glance

I like to include a year at a glance in all of my journals. They really help me when I am scheduling appointments, events, and I like having all those calendars at a glance any time I need them. I use them all the time, so they are definitely worth the time and effort to set them up.

I am able to add all the calendars on one page. Each calendar has one space between each of them.

My 2022 cover image and year at a glance. These layouts went so well together!

My 2022 Future Log

This year, I decided to only include the first 6 months of the year in this journal.

This journal will likely only last me until April, so I will include the other 6 months of the year in my next journal.

For each month, I have included a header, a mini calendar and space below each calendar to write down the dates I need to remember.

Each calendar was also done with a different colour. This gives it some added decoration, but also makes it easy to tell between each of the months.

On my 2022 future log, I have only included the first 6 months to go in this journal. The next 6 months will go in my next journal.

My 2022 Lists

This is a new style layout for me, and I am so excited to try it!

I wanted to have a place where I could write down all the books I want to read, t.v series I want to watch, etc. And I wanted it all in one handy place.

I decided to split the page up into 4 equal sections, but I wanted to do this with some stationary doodles. So I went onto Pinterest and Instagram, found some ideas and inspiration for some little notepad doodles and then I sketched them in with pencil.

Each list has it’s own notepad style doodle, and I think it turned out so pretty! I can’t wait to fill this layout in!

On my 2022 lists layout, I will keep track of books I want to read, movies to watch, etc.

My 2022 Goal Setting Layout

I wanted to keep my goal setting layout very simple this year because my deep dive goal setting will happen on a monthly basis instead. This layout is really to set an intention for the year, and then my quarterly and monthly goal planning will be the “how”.

Each year, I set three big goals, so the first side of this layout includes space for each of those goals including space to write out what they are and mini goals or milestones I can include underneath.

On the right side of this layout, I have split the page into four equal sections for my quarterly goals. In this space, I will be able to determine what I am going to do to work on my big goals and any other smaller goals I want to work on during the quarter.

This layout is very simple, but I still love the decoration the colour added, as well as the few doodles I did include.

My 2022 goal setting spread in my Bullet Journal.

My 2022 YouTube Planner

This will be my first full year on YouTube, so I decided to create an entire collection dedicated to helping me plan out videos and keep an eye on my channel analytics.

On the left side of the spread, I have split the page into 12 equal sections, one section for each month.

Each section simply contains a header and then the space below was left empty. I decided to do this so that I could track things that I feel are most important. This might not just be analytics, but insights or lessons I am learning from those analytics. I wanted this space to be very flexible!

On the right side spread, I wanted to include space to write down my different video ideas, so I doodled a spiral notebook to cover the entire page, and I love how it looked! (You will see I actually did this exact same layout again soon because I loved it so much!)

To break up the page, I used my Tombow Dual Brush Pen 992 to highlight every second line.

On this Bullet Journal spread, I will track my 2022 YouTube stats and video ideas!

My 2022 Fitness & Weight Loss Trackers

One of my goals for 2022 is to lose 25 more pounds, but also to exercise more and build up more strength and cardio. So I definitely wanted to include an entire spread dedicated to these goals!

The first spread is my fitness tracker, and I actually managed to fit the entire year on here. There are 13 columns in total. 1 for the days of the month going down the side, and the other 12 are for each month of the year.

I created four colour codes, one for cardio, one for strength training, one for walking and one for a rest day. I will fill in this layout each day depending on what exercise I did or if I had a rest day. 

On the right hand side, I did a weight loss tracker and a measurements tracker. 

For the weight loss tracker, I set this up like a board game. I will mark off each box once I have hit that target weight. Once I have filled in the entire board, I will have achieved my target weight! I am so excited to see if I can accomplish this goal this year!

For the measurement tracker, I included each area I will measure monthly, and I included space to write down my numbers each month.

This spread will help me track my exercise, my weight and my body measurements through 2022!

My 2022 Budget

This year, I decided I didn’t want to do a traditional budget, but I still want to keep an eye on our money and understand where it is going. So, I am trying something very new!

On the left side spread, I have split the page up into 5 boxes.

  1. The first is a space to outline our average monthly income.
  2. The second box is where I will outline a “soft” budget for us to plan with. We will not follow this too strictly, but will use it as a general benchmark.
  3. Last year, I didn’t include a wish list and I really wish I had. So this year, I included it right on my budget page!
  4. The fourth box is where I am going to write down our money goals. I hope this will help keep those goals top of mind.
  5. The final box is for my money affirmations. This year, I have discovered, I have some very deep rooted issues and insecurities with money, and that is something I really want to work on in 2022. So, I have included a space for affirmations right on the spread!

On the right side spread, there is space to track our monthly spending. Again, I don’t want to go too deep with our budget this year, so I will just use this space to roughly track what we are spending.

The real purpose behind tracking our spending is actually to track how much we are paying towards our debt as we would like to continue to bring that down this year.

On my 2022 budget spread, I will outline a rough monthly budget, track our spending, stay on track with our goals and work on my relationship with money.

My 2022 Healthy Eating Spread

I used these layouts last year, and they really helped me with my diet, so I definitely wanted to include them again this year! 

On the left side spread, I have my master grocery list, and I drew this onto another spiral notebook doodle.

When I create my master grocery list, I always break the list up by grocery store departments. This helps me to shop very efficiently.

On the right side spread, I have split the page into four sections where I can write down all my meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 

If you want to learn more about how I meal plan in my Bullet Journal, check out this blog post.

On this spread, I have included my master grocery shopping list as well as space for meal ideas.

My 2022 Cleaning Layouts

Last year, I made huge improvements on how I am keeping my house clean, but I wanted to improve on this even more this year, so I am trying a slightly new combination of my cleaning layouts. 

On the left side spread, we have my 10 minute cleaning list.

If you followed me last year, you may have heard me raving about this layout. It completely transformed how I keep my house clean! By staying on top of these little tasks every day, I can actually focus on my deep cleaning tasks when I am doing them. 

I have broken the page up based on the different rooms of my house. Then, underneath each room, I included a variety of tasks that I can complete in 10 minutes or less.

If you want to create this spread for yourself, I would recommend listing these things out on a separate piece of paper so that you can make sure you have the spacing you need!

On the right side spread, I included two new things. The first is a cleaning routine, and this routine is for Monday to Sunday tasks, but also includes monthly tasks that I don’t need to do every week. 

Below that I have space to note down the last time I did a certain tasks. These are the tasks that only need to get done once or twice a year. They include:

  • Get an oil change
  • Clean the oven
  • Steam clean the carpets
  • Wash windows
  • Wash walls
  • Change furnace filter
  • Clean vents
  • Declutter

Of course, you can include anything on your list that pertains to your home!

I am really excited to see how these spreads work for me next year! 

On this spread, I am going to track how I will keep my house clean in 2022.

Final Thoughts

That is it for my 2022 layouts! I hope you found some ideas and inspiration for things you can include in your own journal! 

Like I mentioned above, I filmed the entire process of me setting those layouts up, so if you want to see that, you can do that here! 

Which layout was your favourite!? Let me know in the comments below!

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