Want to add lettering to your Bullet Journal? Discover some free and paid lettering resources that will help you practice your lettering techniques!

10 Resources That Will Help You Improve Your Lettering Techniques

Last Updated on January 2, 2022 by Keri

Lettering can be a fun way to add some decoration to your Bullet Journal, and you don’t need to be super artistic to do it! There are a ton of free and budget-friendly resources on the internet that you can use to learn different lettering styles and techniques, and I am going to break down some of my favorites for you today!

You don’t need to have a large budget to learn a new hobby or skill! You just need to know where to look! So, let’s get started!

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Using Lettering Workbooks and Practice Sheets

One of my favorite ways to practice my lettering techniques is by using workbooks or practice sheets. There are so many different FREE practice sheets that can be found all over the web, but I am going to narrow it down to some of my favorites for you!

1. 30 Days To Better Brush Lettering

If you are new to lettering, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Dawn Nicole’s blog. It is packed full of free tutorials, challenges, and printables that you can use to improve your lettering.

My favorite challenge from her is 30 Days To Better Brush Lettering! You can get access to all of the videos and worksheets without even having to put in an email address, which is pretty awesome!

2. Hand Lettering Practice Sheets: 9 Styles

This resource also comes from Dawn Nicole, and contains free lettering printables in 9 different styles! This printable is definitely one of my top go-to resources, and provides me inspiration for different fonts I can use in my Bullet Journal!

3. Brush Lettering Practice Basic Strokes Worksheets

Brush lettering takes a little bit more practice to get good at it, but once you have mastered it, it is a fun and easy way to add some flair to your Bujo layouts!

If you are ready to learn Brush Lettering, it is recommended that you start off with practicing your basic strokes before advancing to the alphabet.

Kelly from kellysugarcrafts.com has some great basic stroke practice sheets that you can download from her website for free! Practice these often, and when you are ready to learn the alphabet, it will be much easier for you!

*If you are looking for more practice sheets or workbooks, I highly recommend you check out Pinterest! There are so many options out there, and you may find a blogger or YouTube channel that you really enjoy learning from!

Video Tutorials From YouTube

There is an endless amount of great lettering video tutorials on the internet!

Sometimes it is easier to learn a new technique when you can watch someone do it themselves! Videos are a great compliment to practice sheets! There is no way I could possibly list every single lettering video out there, but I will get you started with a couple of great options!

1. Amanda Rach Lee

If you have been Bullet Journaling for any length of time, you may have heard of Amanda Rach Lee over on YouTube. She creates really awesome Bullet Journaling videos and has even created some really great videos on how you can use different lettering styles, along with doodles to create really pretty headers.

One of my favorite videos is her 50 Hand Lettering Ideas!

2. The Lemonade Store

If you are looking to learn to letter with budget-friendly supplies, this video from The Lemonade Store will not disappoint!

In her How To Do Crayola Calligraphy, Shelly shares her tips and techniques to creating really pretty lettering with one of the cheapest supplies you can find on the market, Crayola markers!

This is perfect if you have a tight budget, or if you aren’t sure lettering is for you!

Video Tutorials From Skillshare

Some of the best lettering learning I have experienced comes from one of my favorite go-to resources for learning new skills, and that is Skillshare! While this option is not free, there is so much great content on Skillshare that it is well worth the price in my opinion!

If you were to take any kind of creative class at your local craft shop, you are probably looking at a minimum of $20 – $25 for one class.

Skillshare is currently $15 USD per month, and you can take as many classes as you want!

There are tons of teachers on Skillshare, so I recommend you watch a few different classes to find a teacher you connect the best with!

I have found that many of the classes available on Skillshare go into more detail than they do on YouTube, and they often include practice sheets that you can do alongside the teacher!

If you want to check out Skillshare, but you are unsure if it is right, then the below offer is perfect for you! By signing up below, you get a FREE month of access to all Skillshare courses. Check out different classes to find a teacher that suits your style best! If you don’t find anything you like, you can simply cancel your membership!


If you like the idea of reading, and learning out of a book, then some of these resources might be good options!

Handlettering 101

This lettering practice book by Chalk Full Of Love is perfect for the beginner! It tends to focus more on Faux Calligraphy which means you don’t need any fancy supplies and there is less of a learning curve!

There are also tons of practice pages so you can practice again and again!

See it on Amazon!

Modern Calligraphy: A Beginners Guide To Pointed Pen and Brush Lettering

This book is absolutely perfect for the beginner who is looking to learn modern calligraphy!

The book is laid out in a simple manner and provides a lot of valuable information regarding supplies and techniques! Packed full of practice sheets with several different styles, you are sure to develop the necessary skills to create beautiful modern calligraphy!

See it on Amazon!

Handlettering For Relaxation

If you want to learn different styles and how to combine them, then this book could be a great option! You will discover lots of inspiration on how to combine different styles, as well as add flourishes and doodles to your lettering!

This book is not for the absolute beginner as it is lacking the drills, but is great for the intermediate looking to add some creativity to their skillset!

See it on Amazon!


Sometimes the best learning is by experiencing daily doses of Inspiration!

Instagram is full of awesome accounts that create really amazing lettering, and even share time-lapse videos of their creations! There is something awesome about watching someone draw out their letters and learning from their techniques! If you watch these time-lapses enough, you will start to remember how people draw certain letters!

Below is a list of a couple of my favorite Instagram accounts that you can follow for your daily dose of inspiration!





Lettering is a great way to add decoration to your Bujo and relax! It can be as simple or as complex as you like, and there is an endless amount of free and paid resources out there for you to learn from!

Where did you learn how to letter? If you have any other amazing resources to share, be sure to leave a comment below for the rest of the community!

Until next time!


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